The PowerChute Education Foundation, Inc., was founded in February of 2003, by Baron Tayler. Those who know Baron will tell you he never does anything half-way. "It may be an old cliché, but I've always believed that if something's worth doing, it's worth doing right."

While earning his BFI rating in 2002, Baron scoured the Internet for PPC information. Reviewing the web sites and information available through the benefit of experience gained by being a professional full-time webmaster for 6 years, Baron concluded that although there is a substantial amount of PPC-related information available, which is good, the down side was that it's scattered hither and yon all over the place, "hidden" among the billions of pages on the Internet. The need for one web site to truly serve as the nexus for PPC information seemed obvious, yet it didn't exist. That's not to say some sites weren't close. Some are. But to Baron that wasn't the point. There wasn't a "unifying" site to tie it all together into one cooperative online community.

The other motivating force behind the creation of the PCEF was Baron's desire to present the activity of PPCing to a large general public audience. After experiencing PPCing himself, he wondered how such an incredible and enjoyable activity could be such a "well kept secret." So in addition to wanting to create an online PPC nexus, he was motivated to give PPCing a higher profile.

These desires manifested themselves in the creation of the PowerChute Education Foundation, Inc. From the very beginning Baron realized that education and promotion, both within the PCC community, and to the general public, would be essential elements for success. After seeking guidance, the PCEF was formed as a non-profit educational/charitable organization. Those of you who may have tried to form a 501(c)(3) organization probably know that the IRS doesn't bestow that "rating" easily to any organization which it deems to be involved in a sporting or recreational activity. Those types of organizations usually receive a 501(c)(4) rating. But the PCEF did receive the 501(c)(3) approval because of its stated commitment to education, as well as its charitable project, ELLASS.

The Board of Directors of the PCEF consists of Baron, as well as George Begué (author of the Powered Parachute Bible) and Robert Goode, a law enforcement officer with several decades of experience.

Our newly formed PCEF Advisory Board currently has two members, and more will be added over the next few months. Advisory Board members are people from within the PPC community who have a wealth of knowledge and talent they are willing to share with the PCEF when the PCEF is planning educational and/or promotional activities. If you know of anyone who matches that description, (yourself perhaps), please don't hesitate to contact us.

The PCEF was created for you. As with most organizations, what you get out of it is usually tied to what you put into it. We hope that all PPCers and manufacturers will join together and help make our vision a reality.